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January ‘22 Performance

Property SEO: Real Estate & Property Sector

Case Study: Real Estate & Property Management – January 2022 Performance Overview

In the realm of digital landscapes, January 2022 unveiled our remarkable journey marked by extraordinary accomplishments. We bore witness to a spectacular 83.56% surge in Organic Goal Completions compared to the previous month.

What’s more, our User base soared by an astonishing 74% from December to January.

Our success story was driven by the strategic use of generic location-based keywords. These keywords, representative of specific geographic areas, played a pivotal role in orchestrating a surge of traffic to our digital platforms in January. This approach allowed us to effectively connect with individuals actively seeking properties within these regions.

Additionally, our Home Page emerged as the star performer, commanding a significant share of traffic during this period. However, it didn’t stand alone in the spotlight; both our Brand Page and a dedicated page for one of these locations also demonstrated robust performance, solidifying their positions as strong contenders in our digital strategy.

The spotlight graced our Home Page, emerging as the paragon of top-performing pages, commanding a significant share of traffic. Yet, it didn’t stand alone in the spotlight; both the Brand Page and the Primary Location Page assumed roles as formidable contenders.

As we embark on a deeper exploration of our traffic dynamics, Paid Traffic emerged as the prevailing force, constituting an impressive 69% of our total traffic. Accompanying this dominance was Organic Search, contributing a commendable 14%, while Direct Traffic enriched our narrative with a 7.5% share.

The journey through our Market Share revealed the dominance of Brand + Location-related keywords. Consistently ranking among the top 10 positions throughout the month, these keywords were the lynchpin of our digital voyage.

In retrospect, our January performance serves as an eloquent testament to our expertise, strategic prowess, and unwavering commitment to the property sector.

We’ve not merely navigated but excelled in the tumultuous realm of digital landscapes.

Our dedication to crafting success stories for our clients remains unwavering.

And now, in continuation of our journey, let’s connect and explore new horizons together.

Organic Goal Completions almost doubled Paid Channel 11 vs 21

37% increase in Users from December to January

Ampa Plastics, Ampa, Brand keywords seem to be the ones that drove majority of traffic in January

The top performing page in terms of % is the Modek page which got 33.46% of the traffic followed by the Home Page at 26.8% .

Top Channels were Paid; 67% of Traffic, Organic Search 20.57% and Direct Traffic at 26%. Closing the gap on Paid.

Our top performing keywords for January are product related and ranked in Top 10 average positions for the month, plastic roof sheets (Position 9 – New Entry into top 10) and clear roofing sheets (Position 9 – New Entry into top 10).


January ‘22 Performance

Media Production

Media Production

Our media production is composed with fearless innovation and skill that we’ve got down to a fine art. With the best talent in Johannesburg, we are proud to have a fully-fledged media production team that is amped to start on your next project. Our scope of work includes animation, videography, digital video marketing, audio production and multimedia visual presentations for corporate use or social media. Take a look at some of the outstanding media production we’ve delivered to our clients, which they have been able to use for online advertising, social media ads, influencer marketing and other video marketing avenues.



Still not sure why photography is essential to your digital marketing strategy? Any digital marketing agency in South Africa will agree that photography is your client’s window into your world. If you’ve been losing out on potential clients, it could be due to a lack of brand images or poor quality photography. In other words, you’ve closed the window so no one can see the amazing products or services you offer. Remember that Google also ranks websites with high quality, formatted pictures higher, so make photography part of your search engine optimisation. View our portfolio of stunning photography produced by some of the country’s most brilliant photographers, whom we are honoured to have on our team. Our clients are able to use our high-quality photographs on their websites, social media pages, online advertising and influencer marketing.

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