Digital Dyans ep1- Cancel Culture, Brands, Influencer Management, PR and Social and Digital Marketing

Digital Dyans ep1- Cancel Culture, Brands, Influencer Management, PR and Social and Digital Marketing

A Progression from Our Proven Strategies

digital dyans podcast

The Digital Dyans have been brought together by a common interest in the dynamic world of digital marketing

Have you ever wondered how digital marketing or social media management works and how to get involved? Whether you are an influencer, business owner, marketing expert, sceptic  or strategist – these three dudes have combined to create a platform to share knowledge and entertain a wide group of people who will find value in what they and you have experienced.

Armed with over a decade of experience in their fields, they walk us through the ins and outs of traditional advertising and how it has evolved and converged with online storytelling. 

Siya Mawisa, a digital strategist, creative and immensely talented writer, brings his skillset into play with a proven track record and even a few campaigns of his own as an influencer and strategist. 

Sanele Mawisa comes to the fore as a Social Media Lead, brand manager or strategist, who has worked his way up in the ranks, bringing tangible insights and successful results in building influencer and brand strategies that are scalable and have measurable value. 

Wasanga Mehana completes this trio and brings his vast experience in broadcast SEO, Paid Media and Digital Marketing – to steer this dynamic ship, from a conversational and analytical perspective. As a paid media specialist, he stitches together the many online shopping and e-commerce insights brought to the table while keeping things fun and energetic. 

It is often thought that celebrities are the best to partner with in order to get the best value for money. But what if a celebrity with a huge following doesn’t align with your brand or service? Can micro-influencers bring more value to companies and their products due to their affinity for the brand?

In episode 1, they separate the clout from the clout chasers. 

This particular adventure will leave you asking questions about PR and cancel culture, to influencers, brand marketing and ROI. There’s nothing pretty about demanding clients, but that ROI doe.👀

We hope to grow with you, debunking and crafting new and evolving ways to understand the ever-expanding world of digital, in a diverse and uniquely South African way.

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