Instagram Influencer Marketing Stats

Instagram Influencer Marketing Stats

A Progression from Our Proven Strategies


There is a huge debate on the availability of reliable Instagram Influencer Marketing Stats and Social Media Marketing efficacy in general. Whether companies should run their own digital marketing on platforms or whether they should work with digital agencies who have already established themselves and have become successful at mastering these platforms.

The one thing we know over all is that nothing speaks value like the numbers do, so let’s let the numbers speak.

Social Media:

  • 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends, family & influencer marketing
  • 74% of consumers use social media to make purchasing decisions.
  • 85% of consumers’ time on mobile devices is spent on just five apps.
  • = 11x the ROI of standard digital campaign.

Source: AspireIQ

Regardless of the social outcry to mitigate the “fake” vote of confidence created by social, and the individuals who thrive of it, influencer success numbers continue to grow. Companies and brands thinking they don’t have to use influencers are going to be in a difficult position going forward.

Due to Instagram testing a tool to take away Likes on posts, it is important to have social media auditing tools to verify Instagram influencer marketing stats before a campaign.

It’s all really simple; If you can’t beat them, join them!


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