Is Viral Video Content King?

Is Viral Video Content King?

A Progression from Our Proven Strategies

One of the biggest fallacies is that only viral video content has value. Most don’t even appreciate the value of the qualitative audience data within video marketing.

I am sure you might have heard the phrase “the most-watched video on Youtube is of a cat playing with a ball of yarn.” Well, that might have been some years ago, currently, “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee is the mostviewed video on YouTube, with over 6.3 billion views as of August 2019.
Despacito – Luis Fonsi – ft. Daddy Yankee

Almost 2 out of 3 (61%) marketers plan to use video content production on their social platforms in 2019, up from 55% the previous year.

Since the beginning of time, we have been challenged by our curiosity to know more, grow and expand. Whether from necessity or the need to create.

Linkedin has become a vital tool for curious people to share, connect and learn.

Tip: add a bit of text to your status updates to draw people in, and embed your video directly below it.

Several Types of Video and Their Perks:

  • Tell Your Story
  • Promote your products through video marketing, E.g. video reviews and social media
  • Video Blogging (for personal brands/influencer marketing)

Video Marketing Tips:

  • Optimise for Mobile Viewing
  • Keep it Short
  • Link-Back to Your Video Elsewhere
  • Make it Professional

Don’t be afraid to go for the long-game, learn from giants such as YouTube, who changed their algorithms to support frequency and consistency over “virality”. Speak to your audience in your own tone, in your own style…and as said in “Field Of Dreams”, “If you build it, they Will Come!”


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